Pre-ITV Inspection at Málaga

The Pre-ITV inspection serves mainly to inspect, analyse and, if necessary, repair the items that are checked in the ITV. Thanks to this inspection, you can go quietly to the Technical Inspection of Vehicles and pass it without problems.

A vehicle must pass these inspections to check its correct operation and detect small problems before they become more serious. You can use a pre-ITV inspection to make sure that everything is in perfect condition and have the option to correct those elements that may not be.

There are failures that are detected with the naked eye, such as a fused light, but there are others that need a deeper analysis. Thanks to our pPre-ITV services we can detect and solve any failure that prevents passing the ITV without problems.

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What does the Pre-ITV service include?

In the pre-ITV inspection, we focus on inspecting all those aspects that are taken into account at the time of passing the technical inspection for a vehicle.

  • Exterior Inspection of the Vehicle

    The condition of the underside, doors, windows, side mirrors…

  • Signalling

    The signalling circuits are inspected, verifying that all work correctly

  • Lighting

    Turn signals, brake lights, reverse, high beams, position, low beams…

  • Brakes

    We check the condition of the vehicle’s brakes

  • Direction and Suspension

  • Engine

    Depending on the type of engine (petrol or diesel) some test or others will be made

  • Gas Emission

    We control possible leaks that prevent the vehicle passing the ITV

  • Oil Change

    We change oil and filter when necessary

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