Málaga Light Vehicles Repair Shop

We offer specialised services such as being a Light Vehicle Auto Repair Shop at Málaga. We have the required tools and technology to offer you the best solution to any problem and help you extend the life of your light vehicle.

To offer our services, we rely on advanced technology and a pleasant and personalized treatment. We are also surrounded by a team of professional technicians with broad experience in the repair and maintenance of all types of light vehicles.

At Suntruck, we take care of replacing damaged or worn parts, and we use technology to evaluate the performance of the vehicle. Our strength lies in controlling electrical and electronic systems.


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Our Services as a Light Vehicle Repair Shop

We strive to offer the highest quality services in order to apply the most efficient solution to any problem or damage that appears on all types of light vehicles. This, of course, is in addition to offering maintenance services that extend the life of the vehicle.

  • Battery Change

    We have a battery change service for all types of vehicles

  • Pre-ITV and ITV Inspection

    We take care of inspecting and fixing everything necessary for the ITV (Technical Inspection of Vehicles)

  • General Mechanics

    We want your vehicle to be the best, leave it in our hands

  • Repair of Control boards

    Our technical team repair all types of instrument panels

  • Air Conditioning

    We repair and recharge air conditioning for vehicles

  • Switchboards

    We solve problems regarding switchboards (engine, airbag, daytime running lights, air conditioning, lighting…)

  • Roadside Assistance

    We offer a roadside assistance service to fix your vehicle wherever you are

  • Electronic Repairs

    One of our strengths is auto electronics

  • Repair of Alternators and Starter Engines

    To not interrupt your productivity

  • Diagnosis

    The safety of your vehicle is our priority

  • Installation of Radio and Hands-free Equipment

    Avoid fines caused by the phone by equipping your vehicle with a hands-free device.

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Pioneers in Repair and Programming of Digital Systems


Professional Repair Service

What distinguishes us from the rest of the repair shops?

At Suntruck, we offer the best services for your light vehicle in order to optimisze its life through the use of the best services available in the market.

ABS and EBS Systems

Do not leave your trailers without a security system

Installation of ITV Air Intakes

We prepare and carry out the necessary improvements in your vehicle to pass the ITV inspection

Compressed Air Systems

We repair any failure related to compressed air


We are specialists in assembly and repair of lubrication systems for industrial vehicles

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