Málaga Auto Repair Shop

We are an Auto Repair Shop located in Málaga. At Suntruck, we offer you the best services for your car. We want to help you optimise and extend the life of your vehicle with the best services in the market.

We focus our efforts on offering a customised technical service to each vehicle, with a unique and exclusive treatment. We offer the best solutions for all types of vehicle failures.

We have a team of professional technicians with a long career in the sector. This, together with the high technology used in the workshop, allows us to offer efficient solutions that extend the useful life of the vehicle.


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Broad Variety of Services such as Vehicle and Private Car Repair Shop

As an Auto Repair Shop in Málaga, we offer a broad variety of services that allow us to meet the needs of each of the customers who come to us. Among our services, we can highlight the following:

  • Battery Change

    We have a battery change service for all types of vehicles

  • Pre-ITV and ITV Inspection

    We take care of inspecting and fixing everything necessary for the ITV (Technical Inspection of Vehicles)

  • General Mechanics

    We want your vehicle to be the best, leave it in our hands

  • Repair of Control boards

    Our technical team repair all types of instrument panels

  • Air Conditioning

    We repair and recharge air conditioning for vehicles

  • Switchboards

    We solve problems regarding switchboards (engine, airbag, daytime running lights, air conditioning, lighting…)

  • Roadside Assistance

    We offer a roadside assistance service to fix your vehicle wherever you are

  • Electronic Repairs

    One of our strengths is auto electronics

  • Repair of Alternators and Starter Engines

    To not interrupt your productivity

  • Diagnosis

    The safety of your vehicle is our priority

  • Installation of Radio and Hands-free Equipment

    Avoid fines caused by the phone by equipping your vehicle with a hands-free device.

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Pioneers in Repair and Programming of Digital Systems


Professional Repair Service

What makes us different?

At Suntruck, we have a series of additional services that allow us to distinguish ourselves from the majority of vehicle repair shops in Malaga. Within these services are the following:

Pick-up and Delivery of Vehicles

At Suntruck we offer this service to provide the
customer with comfort when it comes to repairing their vehicle.

Headlight polishing

Given the material used for the lighting system of the vehicle, its maintenance is increasingly necessary, so we offer this service.


No more problems with the immobiliszer, at Suntruck we have the solution.

Parking sensors

Not only high-end cars can have these sensors, at Suntruck we install them in any range of vehicles.

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